Adult (Motivated and Mature M&M’s)

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A special note of invitation for M&M’s, Mature and Motivated students!

Please feel free and excited to “take up where you left off” or maybe you are thinking of picking a brand new instrument to start on! I have taught many adult students right up to age 97!

Music is the only instrument that when listened to, practiced, or performed connects and crosses both sides of the brain! Practicing and performing on your instrument will keep your mind, body, and soul young and healthy for many years to come, and you are never to old to begin!

All instructional programs and chamber music ensembles listed below are available Monday through Saturday for students ages 3 to 98!

Contact today for your individual free, non stress assessment and consultation, spaces are limited!

Instrumental and Piano All Level Study Programs

 Private instruction violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

• Flute


• Music theory, scales and technical work

• Solo piece preparation for strings, piano, and flute for summer, master class, college, and college recording entrance auditions

• All levels of chamber music and chamber concert preparation *Please see chamber music coaching below

• All lessons are accompanied beginners through advanced!

Chamber Music All Ages and levels

• Two or more musicians learning, developing musical listening between musicians, eye contact, blending of sound, dynamic work, expression and musicality in the chamber setting

• I will coach beginning through advanced groups and set up performances

 will find musicians for you to work with at your level or I will work with groups that are already working together in a chamber setting

• All students may also plan and prepare for their very own private, solo, chamber, or mixed concert or recital. If you are a piano student you may work on accompanist skills as well as solo and be able to work with an instrumentalist.

Inspiring, Walkable Location Within Downtown Sarasota With Available Parking 

• I am Conveniently Located In The Heart of Downtown Sarasota’s Businesses, Condos, and Apartments

• You may choose to study at my location or I will come to your location

• I offer free consultations and guidance in purchasing of instruments, music and musical supplies, I am recommended by the “Violin Shop” located in downtown Sarasota

For More Information Please Call Me Today at: (941) 539-3110