John R Harrison
Retired Vice President of The New York Times Company
Grandfather of Venetian Academy of Music student
“Chandelle is a gifted musician and artist, she is a caring and empathetic person”.  “Chandelle embraces music students with ardor, artistry and is a dedicated teacher who is well respected in the community”!
Rosemarie Freni-Molinari
Guest stage director Sarasota Opera Apprentice Artist Program
“Chandelle is a highly qualified musician and skilled teacher”! Her impeccable taste in classical music is an asset in any performance or educational setting”. “Chandelle is an excellent pedagogue and sets a very high standard in her work with students”.  “Her ability to build a music program and train young musicians and singers is first rate”!
Rosemary Bratton
Former Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Chandelle is a highly creative and motivational teacher”!  Chandelle’s students respect her,and truly love coming to her dynamic classes which are filled with much activity and a variety of musical experiences”.  “Chandelle has reached out to the community/ service organizations and developed programs and concert series providing her students the opportunity to bring the arts to the greater Venice community”!  ” Chandelle is highly respected by the school administration and her professional peers”.  “She is a tireless worker who carries out all her professional responsibilities in a caring and efficient manner”!
Former teacher and mother
of student that attends The Venetian Academy of Music
“Chandelle understands and honors all learning styles, and while she can set very high standards and expectations she works within each child’s specific daily needs”.  “Chandelle has a wonderful way of guiding her students without pushing them, of respecting their integrity while maintaining the security of clear limits”.  “I am impressed with Chandelle’s ability to involve the entire community in the success of her students learning”!
Dr. Keith and Mrs. Courtney C Brooks
Parents of two students that attend
The Venetian Academy of Music
“In addition to being a valuable asset to the Venice community Chandelle is dedicated to the success of her students”.  “Chandelle has developed a successful concert series where students have opportunities to play and observe others performing in front of a live audience”.  “This is an invaluable experience for all students”!  “Our two students enjoy playing and it is obvious that it is never a “chore” to practice”!
Mrs. Marcia S. Conrad
Former teacher
“Chandelle has a unique ability to make a positive impact on her students”.  “She is an accomplished music director, choral conductor, and instrumental instructor who as an instructor is able to highly enthusiastically motivate her students”! “Chandelle concerts and programs are unparalleled”!