Chris Norton . . .

Now here’s probably the most versatile bassist on the Gulf Coast. When asked, you’ll usually get the response “I’m the Keeper of the Sacred Groove.”

He’s a player that learned Double Bass in Canada, and then put it down for 30 years pursuing career. One day when getting lost coming home in Washington DC, found himself in a music store and took up music again. In DC he played with amongst others, The Mount Vernon Swing Band and got to play Blues Alley.

Later stationed in St Louis, he played Blues and Rock with various bands in Soulard (Historic blues District) and in Ferguson. After retirement he moved to Denver and played blues with West of the Blues and Johnny Goes to Panama, played Big Band with the Mile High Wind Machine and William and the Romantics, and variety with Unforgetable.

Venice is now home, where he’s become a local favorite amongst players for his good ear, ability to read charts and willingness to learn new things.