Chandelle Marie LaForest . . .


Accomplished musician with background as director of music, choral conductor, instrumental instructor of strings and woodwinds, and performing flutist. Employment and performances span the United States, Paris, and Saudi Arabia. Passionate about the students and their progress, create exceptional programs, with the proven ability to instill in students the desire to reach their creative potential. Planned and successfully directed curricula despite limited resources. Trained in the United States and Paris, studying under Linda McKlusky, Irvin Gilman, Dent Williamson, Henri Dufour, Patricia Nagle, and Kathy Chastain. Then attended and performed at Master Classes held by Jean-Pierre Rampal and Michael Debost.


Artistic/Executive Director, Owner of The Venetian Academy of Music, Venice Florida

Epiphany Cathedral School, Venice, Florida, United States. 2006-2011

Director of Music – Instrumental and Choral

Direct the Music Department for students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, offering private, weekly lessons in string, woodwind, brass, and percussion. Students adhere to weekly practice schedule and participate, as appropriate, in performance settings, including Mass, choir, the annual choral and instrumental Christmas concert, the school’s concert band, recorder and hand chimes ensembles, chamber groups, community events, and school concerts.

Established the “High School and College Concert Series” as well as the hand chimes ensemble and a full-length opera elective.

Manage the program that studies The Sarasota Opera season, with activities including comprehensive study of one or two of the operas and the arias, vocal fach, and the characters. Attend the operas, and students give a PowerPoint presentation about them for their final project.

Initiated and designed a four-concert series where students perform monthly as soloists, in small chamber ensembles, and as members of the string orchestra. Students are responsible for all aspects of the performance, including program writing, stage management, guest seating, sound and recording, advertising, and concert setup and tear down.

Plan and manage the Epiphany Cathedral School monthly Outstanding High School and College Concert Series. Bring in high school and college students to give a concert for the Epiphany students. The performers receive CDs of the program along with a concert opportunity. Additional programs include: Epiphany Cathedral School Student Artist Concert Series, where each month students present their own concert on the school campus; Venice Art Center/Epiphany Cathedral Performance Alliance Concert Series, where Epiphany students either group or solo present a monthly concert at the Venice Art Center; and Venice Assisted Care, where Epiphany students either group or solo present a monthly concert for assisted care residents.

Conceived of and designed solo recitals for students who have achieved a high level of skill and have completed a prearranged list of repertoire. Students also write their own bio and concert program notes for their recitals. In addition, they sell their CD-recorded recitals and provide a fund for graduating students to help them in the purchase of a new instrument upon graduation when they plan to continue their music education.

Originated and designed Friends of Music, a concert series where guests sign the guest book each month, enabling receipt of a quarterly email/video informing them of the students’ accomplishments over the past three months along with opportunities for donations. The e-mail also announces upcoming events as well as the organization’s goals for the future.

Played key role in school’s becoming nationally recognized “Lighthouse Blue Ribbon School.”

Reach out to local community and arrange choral and instrumental performances at events and for service organizations.

Conceived of and coordinated monthly Epiphany Cathedral School Student Concert Series programs for all students in the instrumental instruction program. Students put on a 45-minute monthly concert and are also responsible for the entire event, including music selection, program writing, public relations, guest seating, stage management, lighting, and sound.

Manage the monthly Venice Art Center and Epiphany Cathedral School Performance Alliance Concert Series, where the students give a full-hour, open-to-the-public concert at the Venice Art Center. Also put on a monthly concert at the Sommerville Assisted Living Facility.

Planned, implemented, wrote, and won yearly grants to fund a scholarship program for instruments, resulting in virtually all the students using a school-owned scholarship instrument, freeing their parents from a rental fee as well as a lesson fee if the instruction was held during the school day. School currently owns over 50 instruments. Recently awarded live status for Gulf Coast Gives Donor Grant Project.

Managed the Epiphany Orchestra’s benefit concert in 2010 for St. Charles School in Port Charlotte, Florida, United States, to raise money to fund the purchase of instruments for the school’s beginning music program. The school used this program as a model for its own program, and I was asked to serve as a consultant for the initiative.

New Gate School, Sarasota, Florida, USA. 2005 – 2006 Director of Music

I designed and implemented a string, choral, and general music program within the rubric of the Montessori program.

Island Village Montessori School and School of Innovative Studies, Sarasota, Florida, USA 2004 – 2005 Music Teacher

Created and instituted general music, string, and recorder ensemble programs within the rubric of the Montessori program.

Good Shepard Day School, Punta Gorda, Florida, USA. 2002 – 2004 Director of Music

Developed and implemented the school’s string program and general music curriculum.

Sarasota County School District, Sarasota, Florida, USA. 1999 – 2002 Instructor – String and Woodwind Programs

Substitute teacher for grades k-12.

Designed and implemented string programs in two schools, working with the Director of Fine Arts for the county school district.

Suzuki Institute School of Music, Sarasota Florida, USA 2000 – 2002 Faculty Member

Taught violin and flute, with the majority of the students studying other instruments requesting instruction on these. Most of the students attended college as a music or string major, with one student winning a scholarship to study in France.

American Church of Paris, Paris, France. 1990 – 1993, 1996 – 1999

Instructed choral preparation, hand bell choir, and string chamber ensemble for the Children’s Music Program.

Served as flute soloist for regular and special services as well as solo concert artist for the church’s International Concert Series and International Concert Series for L’Eglise Saint Marie, with Laurana Michelmore as accompanist.

Studio of Chandelle LaForest, Paris, France, and Saudi Arabia. 1990 – 1999

Taught flute, violin, and music theory, plus coached chamber ensembles, maintaining active studios in Paris, 1990 – 1993 and 1996 – 1999, and in Saudi Arabia, 1993 – 1998.


United States

Concerto Soloist, Albany Symphony Orchestra, Albany, New York; Syracuse Symphony, Syracuse, New York.

Substitute Flutist for four symphony orchestras in Florida.

Solo Flutist for several choruses and seven churches throughout Florida, including Artist in Residence at five churches.

Numerous concerts and CD recordings with vocalists Douglas and Lorraine Renfroe, Bonnie Caplan, Meg Cassell, Todd Gresick, and Avis Rom. Sarasota, Florida.

Solo Concert Recital CD recordings in Sarasota, FLorida

Solo concert performer, The Venice Art Center, Venice, Florida.

All-French concert program with Avis Rom, Sarasota Alliance Française, St. Thomas More Church, Sarasota, Florida.

Guest soloist, Gulf Coast Men’s Chorus, Sarasota, Florida.

Flute soloist and alto choral member, Key Chorale, Sarasota, Florida. Under direction of Dr. Daniel Moe.

Paris, France and Saudi Arabia

Master Class performances in Paris with flutists Michael Debost and Kathleen Chastain.

Numerous concerts in Paris and frequently performed as soloist at the American Church of Paris and American Cathedral of Paris.

Solo concert recitals for two Paris concert series: Concert Series at the American Church of Paris and Concert Series “Accueil Musicale” at Église St. Merri.

Recitals and performances with soprano Michelle Norman Webb (now Giglio), American Embassy, Paris.

Solo concert performances, Riyadh, Dhahran, and Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; also Paris, France, with accompanist Masanori Kobiki.

Solo Concert Recital CD’s recordings in Paris, France and Saudi Arabia.


Florida Certified Music Educator K-12/ ESOL.

Awarded Women’s Resource Center Continuing Education Grant, Sarasota, Florida.

Twice Awarded Woman Resource Center Speaker Award, Sarasota Florida.

Master Classes given by Jean-Pierre Rampal and Julius Baker – both attended and performed

Diplôme Supérieur, D’Artiste de Musique de Chambre, L’École Normale de Musique, Paris, France.

Studied under Patricia Nagle.

Masanori Kobiki, private coaching, Paris, France.

Music Performance Degree, Crane School of Music, Potsdam, New York.

Scholarship Winner, Chautauqua Institute of Music, Chautauqua, New York.

Studies with Belgian flutist Henry Dufour.

Began musical training as 9-year-old, studying the flute under the tutelage of Irvin Gilman and piano under Stanley Hummel, Albany, New York, United States.

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